We Are

“It is said that “Vision that leads to action, can make a strongest nation”.
We AreOur India is the largest country in the world where maximum variety of man, mannerism, cult, culture, cast, traditions, and lifestyle which differ from place to place. Still we are together for more than 5000 years. India is covered with mountains, lands and there is full of variety and diversity, but still unique part about India is that, we are united.

In spite of hundreds of wars, variety in cast, customs, cultures, classes, one strongest power of Indian Culture is that our Indian culture is common. We are Indian and we believe in harmony. We believe that money is means for life and not AIM. Satisfaction, peace of mind is the AIM of human being.

With this strong faith, we are associated for years together. We practice different ideologies, religious beliefs, but our thinking is common that, religion is nothing but way of life. Acceptance and adjustment with each other is our natural, national and notional lifestyle. As a result we are always processing and progressing from time to time.

In the largest Democratic pattern, we have revolutionarily progressed in the areas of social, economic, academic, agriculture and science in the last 100 years period.

Government, Non–Government, social, political and religious institutions have accepted various challenges and proven our unity, harmony and homogeneity.

Amitabha Buddhist Society is one of the upcoming non profit making, Non–Government Organization (NGO). It is Registered under Bombay Public Act 1950 and our Registration No. is E-5597 (pune) dated 27/12/2010. it is also registered under Income Tax Act 1961(80G) for exempting the donations received; and Registration No. are Reg. u/s. 12AA (1) (b) : PN/CIT–I/Reg./12A (a)/300/2010-11 and Reg. u/s. 80 G : PN/CIT-I/80G/359/2010-11.

It believes that Indian youth can do anything and everything in the world. So we will arrange permanent vocational guidance (VGP) in the trust premises only. We will provide all the required assistance, guidance, cooperation, direction, motivation and everything that is required for youth development. We will take care of developing patriotism in youths. In addition there will be programs for spiritual developments of minds by way of Buddhism, Yoga, meditation etc. We will guide youth about the concepts like what is ultimate truth, what is happiness, and satisfaction etc.

Nation’s youth is not our property but it is nation’s entity. Development of minds with positive, creative, persuasive approach will be possible with continuous efforts only. Quality can not be an accident. But it is the result of continues directive efforts. So ABS will take massive efforts on the masses (youth) residing near the trust area, by way of organizing and coordinating programs time to time.

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